Dambulla Thunder Termination LPL: The fifth season of the Lanka Premier League will run from 1 to 21 July. Before the start of the competition, the fear of spot fixing is looming over the league. Tamim Rahman, CEO of Imperial Sports Group, which owns the Dambulla Thunders club, was detained on Wednesday, 22 May, on suspicion of match-fixing. An official of the Sports Ministry’s Special Investigation Unit for the Prevention of Sports-Related Crimes confirmed the arrest. As a result, the LPL has announced that Dambulla Thunders will be expelled from the league with immediate effect.

However, no clear information has emerged on Rahman’s fate. But the integrity and smooth functioning of the Lanka Premier League is important. The team’s expulsion from the league is aimed at maintaining the ideals and reputation of the LPL. This is to ensure that all participants maintain the highest standards of conduct and sportsmanship.

“We are committed to the highest standards of transparency and professionalism, and will continue to support all our teams, players and fans during this transition,” Anil Mohan, Chairman of LPL rights holder and IPG Group, said in a statement.

Tamim Rahman bought Dambulla Thunders this year

Tamim Rahman was detained just a day after the LPL 2024 sale and will be kept in custody till May 31 for additional investigation. Rahman bought Dambulla Thunders in April this year. Rahman is under investigation for match manipulation and betting. If all the charges against Rahman are proved, he may have to face up to ten years in jail and a heavy fine.

In 2019, Sri Lanka became the first South Asian country to be prosecuted over match-fixing and sports corruption. Sri Lankan authorities have recently implemented several strict actions against those involved in cricket-related wrongdoings. A Sri Lankan court ordered Indian nationals Yoni Patel and P Akash, owners of a team in the unrecognized Legends Cricket League, to surrender their passports. It is believed that fixing took place in the league match played on March 8. Both are currently on bail.