Who are the two teams that Steve Smith is afraid of

ODI World Cup 2023. Australia is facing Afghanistan cricket team in the 39th match of World Cup 2023. The match between the two teams will be played on November 7 at Wankhede Stadium. Australian batsman Steve Smith during the press conference before the match. The 34-year-old Kangaroo player said during a press conference on the eve of the match that it will be a very difficult task to defeat India and South Africa in the semi-final match.

“You want to find your rhythm at the right time,” he said. You definitely need a good performance to reach the semi-finals. I think if we manage to get there, it will be a very beautiful moment.

He said, you know we did not start the tournament well. We lost our first match. After that, we picked up the pace. There are still some areas where we need to work harder.

He said, the next match is very important for us. I think if we manage to win we will advance (to the semi-finals), you have to get the momentum at the right time. Both the teams at the top of the table are performing well. Especially the host team. India has easily defeated the second biggest team of the tournament.

“It is going to be a tough task to beat these two teams (India and South Africa), there is no doubt about that. We are also playing well. Hopefully that day will be good for us. We will work hard to get there and create opportunities for ourselves.