Only the schedule for the first phase of IPL 2024 was announced. After this, the program for the second phase could not be decided due to Lok Sabha elections. After the Times of India report on Saturday morning, there was talk that the second phase of IPL could be held in UAE. Meanwhile, after the dates of Lok Sabha elections were revealed in the afternoon, big questions started being raised. The biggest question was whether the second phase of IPL would not take place in India? This is being said because Lok Sabha elections in India will be held from April 19 to June 1. Meanwhile, the second phase of IPL is also to be held.

However, IPL chairman Arun Dhumal has repeatedly said that he will organize the IPL in India only. He was saying that the venue of the second phase of IPL will be decided only after the venue and dates of the elections. But Lok Sabha elections is a big event, in such a situation managing the IPL schedule can be a big headache for BCCI.

first phase program

But in terms of profits, if IPL is not held in India, it could lead to huge financial losses. There is still information coming in some media reports that the second phase of IPL will be held only in India. In the first phase, IPL matches will be played from March 22 to April 7. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the next schedule.

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World Cup will be held from June 1

After IPL 2024, T20 World Cup 2024 is scheduled to be held from June 1. Elections in India are to be held only till June 1. For this reason it is being said that IPL probably will not take place between elections in India. But it remains to be seen whether the board makes such a schedule that matches can be held in places where elections are not held.

Because the audience support or promotion that may happen during IPL in India may not be possible overseas. It is also necessary to get it done before the World Cup, in such a situation it has to be seen what solution emerges.