With Naseem Shah out, Pakistan fails to qualify for the semi-finals! Former cricketer replied

After Pakistan’s exit from the semi-finals of the World Cup (World Cup 2023), many statements are coming out as to why the team had to face so much defeat. Also, many experts also believe that the absence of Naseem Shah also made a huge difference. However, former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra does not agree with this. He said, “Pakistan did not lose because only one bowler was out.

Naseem Shah is a Pakistani cricketer. He was out of the World Cup. The impact of Naseem Shah’s injury was seen on the Pakistan team and their bowling was not the way they were known.

Naseem Shah’s injury should not have affected Pakistan: Aakash Chopra

Aakash Chopra believes that the dismissal of just one bowler should not affect the Pakistan team that much. Speaking on his YouTube channel he said:

Naseem Shah’s injury may play a minor role. This should not affect the entire game because we are talking about Pakistan and not about a small country that did not have players. Injuries happen and so do you. You learn to win in these situations. If there was a weakness in spin bowling, what would Naseem Shah have done there?

Hasan Ali was included in the Pakistan squad for the World Cup in place of Naseem Shah and his performance was not that good. Shaheen Afridi also failed to take wickets with the new ball.

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