ODI World Cup 2023: World Cup 2023 is now slowly moving towards the semi-finals. Some teams are strengthening their position for the semi-finals with consistent performances, while some teams are struggling with poor form and are considered very difficult to reach the semi-finals. This World Cup is going to be very exciting. In this World Cup, big and champion teams had to face upsets. It is very difficult for the champion team to reach the semi-finals this time.

The race for the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023 has now become very exciting as 4 teams are almost out of the race for the semi-finals. Four teams have reached the semi-finals. This includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and West Indies. Let us tell you that all these teams have played 6-6 matches. England have won only one of their six matches. Same is the condition of Bangladesh. Bangladesh has won only one of its last 6 matches. India and Pakistan won this match 2-2. Even if these four teams win their respective matches, they will not be able to reach the semi-finals.

The battle is between these 6 teams, the remaining 6 teams will now see the semi-final match. India and South Africa have already made it to the semi-finals. India currently tops the points table with 12 points from seven matches.

South Africa is in second place with 10 points. Now more competition will be between New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. India, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are included in the top-4. Top-4 teams will qualify for the semi-finals.