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World Cup 2023: The 13th edition of the ODI World Cup is going on in India. A total of 10 teams are participating in this World Cup. Something has happened in the World Cup 2023 that has never happened before in 31 years. The last time this happened was in 1992. Now that feat has been done again in 2023 and all the teams have made this record together. In fact, this record has been made after the victory of the Sri Lankan team against Netherlands in the last match.

Before this match, Sri Lanka was the only team which had not opened its account in the World Cup even after 31 years. Now all 10 teams have won at least one match in this tournament. In the ODI World Cup since 1992, it has now happened that all the teams participating in the tournament have won the matches. Earlier, from 1996 to 2019 World Cup, there was a team which lost all the matches. But this time it did not happen. This time all 10 teams have opened their accounts in the points table.

Which team did not win a single match from the 1996 ODI World Cup from 1996 to 2019? Sri Lanka became champions in 1996 and the Netherlands did not win a single match. Australia became champions in 1999, with Scotland and Kenya not winning a single match. Namibia and Bangladesh in 2003, Canada, Bermuda, Scotland and Zimbabwe in 2007, Kenya and Netherlands in 2011, then UAE and Scotland in 2015 did not win a single match. Afghanistan did not open its account in 2019.

Afghanistan and Netherlands have caused two major upsets in the current tournament. South Africa defeated New Zealand. England was defeated by Afghanistan. Now Sri Lanka opened its account by defeating Netherlands. New Zealand currently tops the table with 20 points from four matches while India is at second place with four points from the same number of matches.