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ODI World Cup 2023: 3 teams have qualified for the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup 2023. One spot is still vacant for the semi-finals. There are 3 teams competing for this one spot – New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Whichever team wins the next match, its chances of reaching the semi-finals will increase. Have you wondered who will enter the semi-finals if all three teams lose their next match? Let’s see what the semi-final equation says.

net run rate of the game
New Zealand’s next match is against Sri Lanka on 9 November. Pakistan’s next match is against England on 11 November. Afghanistan’s next match is against South Africa on 10 November. Suppose these three teams lose their next match in the race for the semi-finals, then the path to the semi-finals will become more complicated. In such a situation, New Zealand will have the highest chances of reaching the semi-finals because currently all three teams have 8 points each, but New Zealand’s net run rate is better than Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If all three teams lose their next matches, New Zealand will have an easier journey, but that does not mean the Kiwis’ qualification will be confirmed. In such a situation, the entire game will be the net run rate. The Kiwi team will be able to qualify only if they do not lose a single match so that their net run rate can be better. On the other hand, Pakistan also did not win the one-sided match, which will increase New Zealand’s chances of qualifying. It is almost certain that in this situation the semi-finals will be played by the Kiwi team.