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ODI World Cup 2023: On 27 October, South Africa defeated Pakistan by one wicket in the ODI World Cup. There is a lot of discussion about this victory. Keshav Maharaj is a South African cricketer. Who did not take a single wicket nor scored much runs in this match, but still the magic of Keshav Maharaj is being seen on social media. Now the real reason for his going viral on social media has come to light. Users are continuously sharing many posts about him on social media.

Because of this, many pictures of Keshav Maharaj’s bat are going viral on social media. In these pictures, Om is seen on his bat, which is a symbol of the faith of Hindus. Not only this, on social media users are also sharing pictures of them worshiping in the temple.

Many users are sharing his pictures and writing that how can Pakistan defeat the person who has Om written on his bat and who is a devotee of Hanuman ji. Even when the South African team came to India to play the World Cup, Keshav Maharaj went to worship in a temple in Kerala, pictures of which have also gone viral.

Keshav Maharaj has a special relationship with India. Keshav Maharaj comes from a Hindu family and was born in Durban, South Africa. He has been playing cricket for South Africa for a long time. Keshav Maharaj was a resident of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Later, in 1874, he came to live in his former home in South Africa. Keshav Maharaj has great faith in Hinduism since childhood and is often seen worshiping in temples.