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IND vs BAN Wide Ball Controversy: Virat Kohli’s century against Bangladesh has been a topic of discussion. Kohli completed his half-century in the last over. Fans say that Bangladesh bowler Nasum Ahmed deliberately bowled a wide ball to stop Kohli’s century, but the umpire did not give a wide. There is a debate on social media regarding this. Fans remembered the ball after this incident, when Ashwin was on strike in the T20 World Cup, Mohammad Nawaz threw the ball back and the umpire gave a wide. Fans say that if that ball was wide, then why not the ball with Kohli.

Fans remember the incident of 2022 when Kohli scored his century after the umpire did not give a wide, this century is in the headlines. Fans on social media are saying that the umpire did not give wide to Kohli to complete his century. This caused panic among Pakistani fans. Fans are trolling the umpire on social media and asking whether we need to play this World Cup. This video is becoming very viral on social media. Pakistani fans were particularly angry at Kohli not giving wides for his century. Fans have been reminded of the 2022 T20 World Cup, when the umpire bowled the ball wide while Ashwin was on strike. Many social media users are reacting to this.

Some fans are also praising the umpire for not giving the ball wide. Fans are also thanking the umpire on social media and saying that Kohli’s century could be completed because of the umpire. The umpire also seems to be a fan of Kohli, the umpire wanted Kohli to complete his century, so the umpire deliberately did not hit the ball wide.