Just 5 balls left to write Hardik Pandya

How Hardik Pandya out of World Cup: India’s star all-rounder Hardik Pandya has been ruled out of the ICC World Cup 2023. On Saturday, the ICC announced that Hardik Pandya has been ruled out of the World Cup due to injury, with fast bowler Prasidh Krishna returning in his place. ICC may have shared this information on Saturday, but let us tell you that the story of Pandya’s departure from the World Cup was already written on Friday. Let us tell you how just 5 balls wrote the story of Hardik Pandya’s departure from the World Cup.

Then he started crying in pain.
According to Indian Express, BCCI has shared this information about Pandya. Hardik Pandya, who got injured while bowling against Bangladesh, had to undergo a test on Friday to see whether he is fit or not. Pandya was asked to bowl an over in the nets at the National Cricket Academy. The coach told Pandya not to put too much stress on his ankles and not to bowl too fast. After this, Hardik bowled the first 3 balls slowly, so he did not face any problem. Till this time he was feeling fine. After this, on the fourth ball, Pandya put a little more speed while putting pressure on his ankle, then he felt pain. After this, he bowled the fifth ball at high speed, then once again started groaning in pain.

The doctor advised rest and as soon as the fifth ball was bowled, Hardik Pandya started having pain in his ankle again. The doctor said that it may take a few more weeks for him to recover. The BCCI official had informed the ICC on Friday that Hardik Pandya will not be able to return to the World Cup. We need to change them. Later on Saturday, ICC officially tweeted information about Hardik Pandya.