World Cup 2023 Pakistan Prepare to capitalize dog chewed ball in India Says Coach Grant Bradburn

Dog Chewed Ball Pakistan Coach Grant Bradburn: Pakistan has played three matches in the World Cup so far. They have won two and lost one. Their next match is against Australia on 20 October. Before the match, Pakistan’s head coach Grant Bradburn has given a big statement. Bradburn is confident that his bowlers will benefit from reverse swing in the remaining matches of the World Cup.

After 20 overs the ball becomes like a dog’s paw.
“The ball deteriorates quickly in Indian conditions,” Bradburn said ahead of the match against Australia at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. We also got some amazing information about the venues. The ball here is rubbing very fast and it looks like it has been chewed by a ‘dog’ after about 20 overs. This means the ball has become slightly softer, making it difficult to score in the later stages. “It also gives more reverse swing,” Bradburn told PCB Digital. So all those elements are a good learning for us that we are taking with us. We will try to take advantage of this ball chewed by the dog.”

Talking about the defeat against India in Ahmedabad, Bradburn also talked about the defeat against India in Ahmedabad. He said, “There is always pressure on the team. When we don’t do this, we criticize our performance too closely. This is what we have been doing for the last few days. I think the Ahmedabad experience was fantastic. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow from the experience in front of a big crowd. Playing in front of a crowd is unusual. “However, when we were batting well, it was nice to hear some silence sometimes.”

Regarding the reason for the defeat, the coach said, “As a group, we have also accepted that we did not bowl good balls in good places. “We have done our homework on Australia,” he said. We know what they can do. We know what his strengths are.