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Rohit Sharma Scored a Century: Rohit Sharma has an excellent record in Test cricket in India. Rohit Sharma had scored a century in this match. Rohit completed his century in just 63 balls. With this century, Rohit also became the highest run-scorer in the World Cup. He left Sachin Tendulkar behind for this record. Before this century, both Rohit and Sachin were tied with 6 centuries, but now Rohit has 7 centuries in the World Cup. Rohit also has the record of scoring the fastest century in a World Cup match. The previous record was in the name of Kapil Dev, who scored a century in 72 balls in the World Cup. Now Rohit has scored a century in just 63 balls.

Rohit has many records in his name in ODI cricket.

Rohit Sharma has scored 7 centuries in 19 matches. On the other hand, Sachin Tendulkar has scored 6 centuries in 45 matches. Rohit has an excellent record in the World Cup. The gap between Sachin and Rohit in World Cup matches is more than double, but Rohit has still left Sachin Tendulkar behind in terms of scoring the most centuries. There are many records in the name of Rohit Sharma in this match. Rohit also holds the record for scoring the most runs in ODIs. Rohit left behind Chris Gayle’s record of 553 sixes.