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World Cup 2023: The picture of the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023 is now almost clear. Because on Thursday, New Zealand made a big jump in the net run rate by defeating Sri Lanka in 23.2 overs. New Zealand’s net run rate is much higher than Pakistan and Afghanistan. In such a situation, even if Pakistan defeats England in the last match and Afghanistan defeats South Africa, it will not be able to reach the last-4.

The impossible equation for Pakistan is that as per the figures created now, if Pakistan wants to reach the semi-finals then it will have to chase the target in 2.3 overs or 6 against England. this is impossible. That’s why we are saying that New Zealand has strengthened its claim. If we talk about runs, Pakistan will have to defend runs and win the match against England by around 300 runs. No matter how bad England’s form is, Pakistan’s chances of winning this match are slim.

The semi-final between India and New Zealand is almost decided. The Indian team will play its last match against Netherlands but it is certain to be on top. New Zealand has not yet been officially announced, but from the data, it can be considered almost certain. So after 2019, India and New Zealand will again face each other in the semi-finals. This time the Indian team would like to make a comeback. This match will be played at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai from 15th November.

What is the status of the marks table?
India, Australia and South Africa are ranked first, second and third respectively. These teams have already qualified for the semi-finals. Now with this victory, New Zealand has also strengthened its claim at number 4. But nothing can be said before the final match between Pakistan and Afghanistan. However, the Kiwi team is far ahead of both in net run rate.