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World Cup 2023 Gift: The ICC World Cup is the biggest cricket tournament in the world. The World Cup is being played across the country. The excitement of the World Cup is so high among the fans that fans are opening the TV after 2 pm every day. The Indian team is also performing very well in this World Cup. India had won the first 4 matches of the series. There is good news for the Indian team. If India wins this match then all the players will be given a gift for their wives.

The special gift from Varanasi will be that India will perform brilliantly in this World Cup. India is taking a step towards the World Cup trophy. If India continues to perform like this then no one can stop Team India from winning this World Cup trophy. Sarvesh, a resident of Varanasi, has said that if Team India is successful in winning the World Cup, then all the players will be given one saree each for their wives. This saree will be a very special kind of saree, which is especially made for the wives of sportspersons. This will be a Varanasi saree made of pure silk.

The specialty of the gift is said to be that the specialty of this saree is that the World Cup is designed on the bottom of the saree. Apart from this, the rest of the saree has bat, bat, World Cup trophy and all the cricket equipments attached to it. This saree is very beautiful to look at, which the wives of the players will like very much. Similarly, preparations for the World Cup are going on in different ways across the country. Not only India, but the whole world is watching whether India will be able to win this World Cup or not.