This player playing in the World Cup made this big demand to the ICC, made such a statement about the country

Lead Base: The Netherlands team has performed brilliantly in the World Cup 2023. The team has attracted everyone’s attention by defeating Bangladesh and South Africa by huge margins. Meanwhile, a player of the team has made a big demand from the ICC.

The player requested this.

Netherlands all-rounder Bas De Leede has urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to grant him “major nation” status after two major upsets in the World Cup. The Netherlands is the only associate nation to participate in the current World Cup. The Netherlands team has surprised everyone by defeating two teams by a huge margin in the current tournament.

These are both the teams

Netherlands surprised the cricket world by defeating South Africa by 38 runs in Dharamsala. After this, they proved that their victory over South Africa was not a mere coincidence by defeating Bangladesh by 87 runs on Saturday. Both these victories matter for a small country. Apart from Netherlands, Afghanistan has also caused two big upsets in this World Cup by defeating England and Pakistan.

He gave this statement after the match.

De Leede said after the match against Bangladesh, “Every win is a big win for us and for Netherlands cricket. “We want to inspire the youth of our country to take up the game.” “We also want to try to attract the attention of the ICC to look at us as a potentially big nation in the coming years.” So every win is very important for us. It was not clear whether De Leede was demanding Test status for his country or that they should be given more tournaments.

The team is in the semi-finals.

Netherlands still have three more matches to play and are still in the race for the semi-finals. He has 6 points in four matches. However, the team will have to win all its upcoming matches only then there can be a chance of reaching the semi-finals. Regarding the possibility of making it to the top-4, De Leede said, “It will depend on the performance of other teams whether we can reach the semi-finals or not. Our aim is to win as many matches as possible.