Will Pakistan make it to the semi finals after beating Bangladesh What are the equations

ODI World Cup 2023: The race for the semi-finals in the World Cup 2023 has become very exciting. On October 31, Pakistan defeated Bangladesh by 7 wickets, after which some hope of reaching the semi-finals has come alive for the Pakistan team. However, it will not be easy for Pakistan to qualify for the semi-finals. Babar Azam’s team will now have to pray for a big win as well as the defeat of other teams. Currently, Pakistan is placed fifth in the points table and only the top-4 teams will qualify for the semi-finals.

To qualify for the semi-finals, Pakistan will have to win all its remaining two matches. Pakistan’s next two matches will be against England and New Zealand. If Pakistan loses this match, it will be out of the race for the semi-finals.

In such a situation, Pakistan team’s hopes of reaching the semi-finals may also depend on the match results of other teams. First of all, if the Sri Lankan team wins all its three matches and its net run rate is less than Pakistan or if the Sri Lankan team loses one match, then the chances of the Pakistani team to reach the semi-finals can increase. However, it is not so easy for Sri Lanka to win the remaining three matches. Sri Lanka’s next matches are against India, New Zealand and Bangladesh.

On the other hand, if New Zealand team loses its remaining three matches, then Pakistan team’s chances of reaching the semi-finals will increase, but it is very difficult. Because New Zealand is in very good form and the next matches of Kiwi team are with South Africa, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.