Indians react to Pakistani anchor being sent home

Pakistanis Must have felt that time is no longer the same. Some recent incidents come to light. While the Pakistani team playing in the World Cup 2023 was granted visas at the last minute, the plight of around 60 Pakistani journalists covering the event still seems to be stuck as their visas have also not been approved. Big news came on Monday evening that its famous TV anchor Zainab Abbas has been sent to Pakistan. Now she will not be able to anchor the 2023 World Cup. A few days ago, Zainab had announced this by tweeting loudly. But anti-India and anti-Hindu comments in the past shattered his dream of covering the World Cup. In fact, an Indian lawyer had filed a cyber complaint against him over his old tweets. And as soon as this news spread, it went viral. And Indians also have their reaction on this news. Have opinion.